Amen to that!
Whenever the cat that we brought back from England got out by accident (not
by us), she'd be back in five minutes flat with a bird in her mouth!
In addition, about 50% of migrating birds from South America also die by the
time they get here....
I love the idea of wind power, but the death of birds can be alleviated by
adding a "humming device" to them, I've read, but the few extra bucks are
not spent willingly on them.....
Indoor cats live a lot longer than those that live strictly outside and
those that are allowed to go out.

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In the newspaper today:

House cats are the #1 predator of wild birds.  The American Bird Conservancy
estimates up to 500 million birds per year are killed by cats.  About
400,000 are killed yearly by wind turbines (less than 20% of the number
killed by cats).  So now we have another reason to keep our cats indoors --
not only for their own health and safety, but for that of our BIRD
Save the cats and the birds: Keep Your Cat Indoors!
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