Hi Sean,

Our vet just ordered LTCI directly from the company, and it was about $100 
cheaper for the ten pack then the previous outside distributor.  

 So glad it is working for you!  We've used it with our  almost 7 year old 
Aggie (FELV+ since birth) since June of last year, and had some good results in 
terms of bloodwork improvements.  She's gone downhill in the last month or so, 
as we've struggled to get her seizures under control when I stupidly, dumbly, 
like an idiot (you get the idea) reduced her anti-seizure medicine more than 
she could take, and didn't increase it up fast enough so as to create even more 
problems.  But, I'm hopeful because she's still here 7 full months after her 
first seizure, and whatever is causing them hasn't killed her yet.  I will have 
hope as long as she's still her spunky little self.  But I do believe the LTCI 
helped her a great deal when her WBCs, Neutrophils and Platelets started to 

 Anyhoo, the website for the company is:


The contact info is there, and your vet shouldn't have too much trouble 
ordering from there.

Good luck.


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