I've got a question about the FeLV virus itself.  Is it all the same virus or 
does it mutate and change like the herpes virus that causes URI?  What I'm 
wondering is that if I've got a cat that has been exposed to the virus but 
extinguished it, is he immune for life?  Seems like I read that.  So if I 
brought in another FeLV + kitty and my resident cat has already gotten some 
immunity from the virus he had been exposed to in the past, does that mean 
being exposed to the virus through another cat would be the same as the virus 
that he was first exposed to so his immunity would work against that virus?  
Does that make sense?  I'm wondering if I brought in another FeLV + cat would I 
need to vaccinate my cat that has already been exposed and extinguished the 
Anyone have a clue?  I guess the main question is if the virus mutates from cat 
to cat or is it always the same virus and doesn't change.

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