remember that lots of restraunts put out poisons......scares me to death with the feral roamers I love.
On Mar 30, 2011, at 5:32 PM, czadna sacarawicz wrote:

in sights?

The four t-n-r ferals at Tractor Supply all have weird pupils. I can pet 3 of the four.

I picked up Henry and brought him home Sunday night because he had an area under his eye that has not healed over several months. It looks like a puncture wound.

The three original cat's eyes all seemed perfect when I started feeding them - - about 2 years ago. Henry was trapped last September at a close by restaurant and relocated himself. His pupils were perfect then. There are several restaurants in the area so they spend time eating there probably - - deep fried "fish". Tractor Supply puts out dry food. I feed a can and a half of Evo at night.

Henry's eyes are way too dilated. There is no blink reflex in one of them and a slight one in the other. We are going to the vet on Saturday. web sites talk about taurine deficiency. The mama's pupils seem constricted.


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