Oh Terrie,  I am so very sorry.  64 does not seem old to me. I am
78 and my precious husband is 89.  At his advanced age I worry all
the time about losing him.  I am so glad you had hospice.  They are 
such a comfort, and I know they kept your husband comfortable during 
his last few days of life.

You are in my thoughts..........


>     Hi all,I'm taking some time off from rescue due to my husband's
>     illness. He has liver failure and is not a candidate for a
>     transplant. He has been hospitalized 2 times this month and
>     once last month he was placed into a skill nursing facility
>     since the 18th of February after the first trip to the
>     hospital.
>     He is in the end final stage of his disease his liver has
>     stopped working. Can die at any given time. He is being given
>     all the pain meds he wants for comfort so he will most likely
>     fall asleep an never wake up again.
>     I want to make myself available at all times for him. He is
>     only 64 years old... I know to some of you that may sound old
>     but it isn't really. Hospice has been part of this as well to
>     help me cope with all of this. Hospice is available to me 24
>     hours a day.
>     Sincerely,
>     Terrie

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