Have to wait until 16th. Rick is off on 9th.  He saw her on 2nd- ten days after 
14 teeth pulled.  I can only get her to eat watered down food such as kitten 
food, baby food, a/d, some fancy feast.  She sits on my lap and eats usually.  
I got her to eat with a 500 mg lysine mixed in with food twice now. Will add 
bovine inteferon also tonight.  She has a good appetite. Rick said she gained a 
pound.  I have printed your suggestions and will give them to him to read.  
Thank you so much. Any thing else will be greated appreciated.  I have only 
been her human companion a few weeks, but have gotten very close with her.  She 
rubs noses and jowls now. She is so soft and pretty. Thank you again.

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