It's available at PetSmart: - I like that it
comes in Wild Salmon flavor, cats definitely prefer that!
I also heard that stomatitis may be related to rodent ulcers in cats.

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Mary Lou, it's been a few days since you posted, but here's what I do for my
negative with stomatitus. She is an older cat (Allie) who had it when I
acquired her. The few times I've taken her to the vet, she was given an oral
antibiotic (because I can't pill her at all) to help with the bacteria and a
steroid shot. The antibiotic was Convenia. The steroid shot helps
tremendously with their appetite. I also hate to give them any steroids, but
the dr. let me know how much pain she may have been in, so I let him give it
to her. I have read a possible relationship with it compromising the immune
system, so I probably wouldn't give it to a + cat.

Now what I do personally for her is give her Petzlife Oral Gel. It is only
when I stop giving her the gel that she has problems with the stomatitus. If
I stop for a while, thinking she is fine, she will suddenly stop eating and
sometimes throwup a yellow or green liquid. So, I have learned to keep up
with the gel, and currently I am giving it to her every night, putting a
little on my finger and rubbing it on her top front teeth. I am just amazed
how this stuff works! It has grapefruit seed extract in it that helps keep
the bacteria down. I buy it online, just google it. It is less than $20, and
lasts a long long time. This stuff also helped my felv+ kitty who had a
terrible mouth when I got her.

I didn't know lysine would be good for stomatitus, have doubts about that,
but I have heard of the bovine lactoferrin. Actually my vet is currently
looking into that for me as far as cost goes and as a last resort in case
the oral gel stops working for her in the future. So please try the
Petzlife, it works for Allie!

Good luck,

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> Okay guys we need your help big time.  Abbey is felu and fel imun
> She has stomatitis. Had 14 teeth, roots and all removed 2 wks ago. Mouth
> greatly improved but not all - in the back between upper and lower still
> red.  Not on any meds for now. She will not lick lysine. Am going to try
> water down lysine and get it in her or spread pill powder and mix in food.
> Would mixing bovine interferon maybe help? I am frantic to help her. She
> does not deserve this. Cannot pill. Feeding watered down a/d or baby food
> fancy feast. She has a great appetite until she hits her sore area with a
> piece of food.  She has 10 days til she goes back to the vet. He is
> about steriods.  Any ideas of what to do? I really don't want to put her
> steriods unless nothing else to do.  She is the baby that was dumped by my
> great neighbors and they moved leaving her outside with no food or water
> anywhere to sleep unless she crawled under the slab of their house.
>  Abbey is the sweetest loving black cat. We apreciate any help you can
> offer. Thank you.
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