Interested in reduced cost spay or neuter for your dog or cat?

Since 1957, Friends of Animals has operated a nationwide low-cost
spay/neuter program for cats and dogs. 
For more than five decades, FoA has operated the only nationwide breeding
control program in the United States facilitating more than 2.5 million
spay/neuter procedures.

Spaying and Neutering Certificates may be purchased on-line
<> . Or to order
by mail call 1-800-321-PETS (1-800-321-7387) and request an application.

Recruit a Veterinarian 

Help expand Friends of Animals' low-cost spay/neuter program by referring
your veterinarian to us.

%20and%20your%20first%20and%20last%20name.%20%20Thank%20you.>  the name and
address of your local veterinarian along with your first and last name. If
your veterinarian is not participating in the FoA Spay/Neuter Program, we'll
send them an invitation to join. If they are already participating, we'll
thank them on your behalf for their work in making spay/neuter available to

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