Unfortunately you are right Michael.  Love and attention are the best meds.  We 
need to focus on today with these special babies and make each the best day 
they can have.

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First off THERE IS NO CURE for FeLV.
  I have heard of all kinds of things that are supposed to give great 
extensions of life to cats with FeLV, but have yet to see any kind of results.  
After 8 years of specializing in nothing but Fe-Luk cats i have found that, 
love, attention, basic supplements ( iron,L-lysine, and the like) are the best 
treatments for them.
Adding things like high O2 water helps as well.( moving water not in a bowl).
I know that many are going to say things like interferon, transfusions and like 
are good for them but they only prolong the inevitable.  This virus will at 
some point in the cats life cause issues that will have grave consequences. 

Michael Johnson
Second Chance Meows
A FeLV Sanctuary

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