This is super good news.  May it contiue for you and yours.
---- Lynda Wilson <> wrote: 
> Some of you already know my story. I fostered, then adopted a 3 mos old 
> kitten from the Humane Society. He passed away this past March of FeLV. I 
> have been worried sick about my other cat since he had not had the vaccine.  
> He had his second ELISA test today and it was negative. My vet did agree with 
> me from my research that normally a cat that has been exposed to FeLV will 
> test positive 28 days after exposure. So far so good. I'm feeling more 
> confident that he has cleared the virus since he is an adult cat (2 yrs old) 
> and has always been healthy.
> I'm so glad to be a part of this group and have learned so much from many of 
> you. 
> Thanks for all your support! I'll still keep you posted and I wish the same 
> outcome for all the kitties fighting this horrible disease!!
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