First, I am truly sorry that Tulo was sick with this horrible disease. My condolences to you! Cats are such special animals and have so much personality! It's hard to lose one, but they do stay in your heart!

I can share your pain as well. My kitten that I adopted at 3 mos had no symptoms (except he was born with coccidia and so was his siblings) but diarrhea which was finally getting under control with a special Royal Canin diet. One day, this past March (he was then 9 mos old), he was not his playful self. I took him to the hospital, the vet listened to his heart and said he had a murmur. Then she checked his gums and they were pure white. She then did blood work and the ELISA test. He had a light positive result but was in really bad shape. I had him put down since she said his chances were slim.

I have another cat, that has been tested twice (and has been negative both times) and will test him again next month.

I think the answer to your question is yes. However, the cats continually that test negative may have an immunity to the virus, therefore, they are able to clear it from their immune system. Sounds like you did your research and may have also noticed this disease is not black and white. There are cats that harbor the disease, some clear the disease, & some are carriers. You may want to test them eventually for peace of mind. I would wait 28 days from last exposure, then again at 90 days.

I truly wish you the best and hope that all your other kitty's are fine!

Here is a link that I found most helpful:

Keep us posted!
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Yesterday my cat Tulo was euthanized.  He'd been sick for a few days.
Bloodwork showed severe anemia and FeLV+.  I took Tulo in as an abandoned
and abused kitten, approx age 3 mos.  I didn't have him tested because he
wasn't sick, and in fact the illness this week is the first time he's been
sick in the 3-1/2 years I've had him.

I have several other cats. All except one were tested when I adopted them.
The untested cat is Dexter, a neutered adult male who has been in perfect
health from the day I found him dumped in the woods. I'm having him tested on Monday, and if he is positive, I will never know if Tulo infected Dexter
or vice versa.  My vet and I decided not to test any of the other cats
besides Dexter.  None of them are sick, and if anyone does get sick, I'll
have them tested at that time, since their FeLV status would affect the
treatment decision.

I've reviewed the symptoms of FeLV and none of my cats have those symptoms,
but neither did Tulo until a few days before his death.
This is my question:  One of my cats had a bad URI last fall and tested
negative at that time. Two others tested negative after I adopted Tulo but before I adopted Dexter. If a healthy cat lives with an FeLV cat for months
to years, tests negative, and continues to live with a FeLV cat, is the
healthy cat still at risk of being infected?

Thanks for your help,

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