Hi Melinda,
I tried them on back paws to try to prevent one with severe allergies
from scratching his head.  Didn't work.  He just chewed them off.
(he's on Cyclosporine now, which works wonders).  Haven't tried them
on front paws, perhaps they would chew less on those, or if you are
really dedicated about replacing them they may eventually get used to
them.  I think I would spend the money on adding more acceptable
places for them to scratch, and rewarding them with treats when they
do it...maybe also trim their nails and block the unnacceptable
scratching areas with less tempting surfaces, like tinfoil or scraps
of vinyl flooring, at least temporarily.  Maybe more high-up perching
places would decrease the amount of time they spend on the floor and
help a bit too?  Just brainstormin' :o)

Best of luck,
Beth N.

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 11:38 PM, Melinda Kerr <msk...@me.com> wrote:
> Has anyone tried Soft Paws for their cats?...

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