Copper and Thomas like sheets (large) of Styrofoam..I have some on the floor from packaging and a couple of styrofoam insulation boards (8 foot +) leaning against a wall in the garage. A little messy but that is what vacs and brooms are for.
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I have known many people who used SoftPaws - it all depends on the cat and
one's two cats are the same!
The best thing to do is to trim the claws regularly and provide many
scratching surfaces - some cats like vertical and others prefer horizontal. Cats usually like to scratch something after waking up and/or getting off the litter box, that's why it's a good idea to have those available near those sources. If they pick on a corner of a sofa, cover with double-sided sticky tape and place a good scratch post next to it until the cat gets used to it. Not all scratch posts are created equally! Carpet covered ones send the wrong message to cats.....vertical or horizontal. The best ones are real wood, next best are covered with sisal twine woven material, and then just plain sisal rope. In a multiple-cat household, the last is the least effective because those twines are scratched apart and have to be recovered (can be done!) Using catnip on scratch posts to retrain is a good idea -
and pulling a toy up the scratch post works really well!  Natalie
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Has anyone tried Soft Paws for their cats? I have read a few unfavorable reviews on, but even more favorable ones. My cats are starting to damage the persian rugs and leather carpet. My husband is threatening
bodily harm if they don't stop it!

Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
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