My 15 cats lose their collars quite often and it gets expensive, so 
now I buy beautiful breakaway collars on eBay, a dozen at a time for
$19.00 and free shipping.  I also buy ID tags that all say REWARD and
my phone number, nothing else.  This way they are all interchangable
and I always have a new collar ready to put on a cat who has lost
it's collar.....  Some are very clever about getting them off.


On 05-23, Bonnie Hogue wrote:

> Reminds me of the time I got Stormy a red collar with shiny
> rhinestones. Oh, it looked so pretty on her grey fur! But every day
> when I came home from work, the collar, still fastened, was sitting
> right on the front step.  Cat's way of saying, "I don't even think
> so." Sigh. ~Bonnie

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