That is my fear. Cats are rarely bothered with here. They are pests to be ignored or shot. But there are areas between here and Louisville where Copper and Thomas might be cared about. There is a particular concern about wrecks. They and the dog ride in carriers but they can be thrown out of first responders could need information if I was unable to provide it. Same concerns re: fires, tornadoes, etc. I've witnessed too much and these little guys (and the dog) are my life.

Re tags on a collar. Bob, the dog, has a metal plate bradded to his collar. I know people with hunting dogs routinely use this instead of tags. I don't know if something similar is available for cat collars or not. Bet one could be altered.
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Our shelter microchips all our cats. It allowed us 2 recover 2 that had bee= n turned in as strays to AC. With out the chips they would have been 2 more=
dead black cats at AC.


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But were you aware that microchips can cause cancer? I got a cat from death
row in NYC, and will have chip has already migrated!

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I never bothered with collars, I went ahead and microchipped my furry pets.
There is a microchip clinic once a year in town that does it for $20.

Shelters and vets around me have gotten much better about scanning stray
animals that come through.

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