My 1 year kitten was diagnosed with FeLV back in Oct.  She has never tested 
positive with either blood test, only with bone marrow aspiration after she got 
real sick at 20 weeks of age.  As of now she is  showing no signs of FeLV, just 
a low normal blood test. To look at her you would and the way she plays you 
would not even know she had FeLV. 

Questions are: Can a cat clear FeLV from the bone marrow?  Could FeLV just stay 
in the bone marrow and never go to her blood? Can a cat expect to live a long 
life as long as the FeLV never moves from the bone marrow?  If she stays well 
should we think about getting another bone marrow aspiration since the FeLV 
never been in the blood?

Right now she on interferon 1 week on 1 week off.  She off all other drug as 
she doing so well.  Vet does not want to take her off the interferon ever.  

Thank you,
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