>From my reading and limited understanding I will answer your questions.  Just 
>don't take it as the gospel.

If the virus is in the bone marrow but not the blood it's referred to as being 
dormant.  Your kitty cannot pass it to other kitties as long as it stays 
dormant.  One book I read did say that many times cats that contract the virus 
but put it into dormancy will actually be able to extinguish the virus at some 
point.  So it is possible that your kitty could one day be free of it totally.  
If she is not able to completely extinguish the virus it is definitely possible 
that it never gets into her blood or white blood cells.  The reading made it 
seem like as long as the virus stays dormant then it should never cause 
problems.  However, it can turn viremic which means it gets into her blood.  
Sometimes stress and other illnesses can activate the virus.  But, whether it 
causes any problems at that point is a coin toss.  I've heard of cats living 
into their  mid to late teens even with the active virus so who knows.  It's so 
hard to predict how each cat's immune system will deal with the virus.

You are very lucky that even though she contracted the virus as a kitten that 
she was able to put it into dormancy.  Many kittens that get it will die young. 
 Maybe she will be one of those that will eventually get rid of the virus 
completely since her immune system was stronger than most kittens.

So all that just to say who the heck knows what will happen.  It's so 
unpredictable.  You had the IFA test done too didn't you? 

As far as the interferon goes, I have a friend who believes in it and gives it 
to her FIV and FeLV kitties every day and has for years.  She gets it from a 
pharmacy that compounds it and puts it into a chicken flavored liquid that she 
gives to them.  I don't know if you need it or not if your cat has put the 
virus into dormancy but I wouldn't think it would hurt her to take it.  I think 
it is just some kind of super charged immune system booster.  Not sure though.

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Date: Sat, May 28, 2011 8:29 am
Subject: [Felvtalk] FeLV in Bone Marrow not in Blood
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My 1 year kitten was diagnosed with FeLV back in Oct.  She has never tested 
positive with either blood test, only with bone marrow aspiration after she got 
real sick at 20 weeks of age.  As of now she is  showing no signs of FeLV, just 
a low normal blood test. To look at her you would and the way she plays you 
would not even know she had FeLV. 

Questions are: Can a cat clear FeLV from the bone marrow?  Could FeLV just stay 
in the bone marrow and never go to her blood? Can a cat expect to live a long 
life as long as the FeLV never moves from the bone marrow?  If she stays well 
should we think about getting another bone marrow aspiration since the FeLV 
never been in the blood?

Right now she on interferon 1 week on 1 week off.  She off all other drug as 
she doing so well.  Vet does not want to take her off the interferon ever.  

Thank you,
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