Thank you Lynda. I brought Amber upstairs three times today and held on to her. 
She was the only one doing the hissing and growling. I will keep you posted. 
LOl. I really can't believe the other three were not doing the same thing. I am 
proud of them!

From: Lynda Wilson <>
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV in Bone Marrow not in Blood

Hi Jannes!

I've had just the opposite problem. All my cats have adapted well. I just got a 
4 mos old kitten and he's taking his time adjusting. I'm giving him time, room 
and patience for him to adjust. I will admit that I'm not used to this at all.  
I've considered myself very lucky now considering all the cats I have had all 
life and they all got along within a few days.

Good luck to you and I wish you the best. They are lucky to have you, you're a 
good momma for them :0)

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV in Bone Marrow not in Blood

I am sure it is stressful for her to come upstairs and see three cats. When
I rescued my last kitty before Amber, he was only two weeks old and my two other
cats HATED him. I was afraid they would try to kill him. I kept him away from
them for a couple of months. I only brought him out when I could keep a watchful
eye on him. Now he and one of the cats are big buddies. The other cat still
just tolerates him. She is very moody. She just growls and tells the others to
to get out of her way. She has been like this ever since I had her spayed when
she was about six months old.
So, I have not had any experience with cats being social from the beginning. Oh
yes, and when I got my second cat the first one hated her...LOL...things are
never easy at my house.Jannes

From: Lynda Wilson <>
Sent: Mon, May 30, 2011 9:51:16 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV in Bone Marrow not in Blood

I agree with this comment. I will also add that since stress can induce the
virus out of dormancy, do you think it would be stressful to her to meet your
other kitties? It's hard to determine exactly what type of stress. This IS just
a thought. I would think that most cats like to be together and find it
comforting since they are such social animals.

I once had a "tortie" (tortoise shell) cat and she stressed very easily. I heard
it was her breed. She went into diabetes when I got a dachshund puppy for our
family. She later went into remission. Then I got another dachshund puppy for
our other dachshund as a playmate. She then went into diabetes again. Then I
knew it was all stress related. We did have another cat and when he passed away,
she was the happiest cat I had ever seen. She was one of those that needed to be
the "only" cat. Too bad I did not know that when I saved her at 5 weeks old. If
they only came with instructions!! (by the way, I had her 17 1/2 yrs. I lost her
last June to a stroke that left her unable to walk).
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> From my reading and limited understanding I will answer your questions. Just
> don't take it as the gospel.
> If the virus is in the bone marrow but not the blood it's referred to as being
> dormant. Your kitty cannot pass it to other kitties as long as it stays
> dormant. One book I read did say that many times cats that contract the virus
> but put it into dormancy will actually be able to extinguish the virus at some
> point. So it is possible that your kitty could one day be free of it totally.
> If she is not able to completely extinguish the virus it is definitely 
> that it never gets into her blood or white blood cells. The reading made it
> seem like as long as the virus stays dormant then it should never cause
> problems. However, it can turn viremic which means it gets into her blood.
> Sometimes stress and other illnesses can activate the virus. But, whether it
> causes any problems at that point is a coin toss. I've heard of cats living
> into their mid to late teens even with the active virus so who knows. It's so
> hard to predict how each cat's immune system will deal with the
> virus.
> You are very lucky that even though she contracted the virus as a kitten that
> she was able to put it into dormancy. Many kittens that get it will die young.
> Maybe she will be one of those that will eventually get rid of the virus
> completely since her immune system was stronger than most kittens.
> So all that just to say who the heck knows what will happen. It's so
> unpredictable. You had the IFA test done too didn't you?
> As far as the interferon goes, I have a friend who believes in it and gives it
> to her FIV and FeLV kitties every day and has for years. She gets it from a
> pharmacy that compounds it and puts it into a chicken flavored liquid that she
> gives to them. I don't know if you need it or not if your cat has put the 
> into dormancy but I wouldn't think it would hurt her to take it. I think it is
> just some kind of super charged immune system booster. Not sure though.
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> Date: Sat, May 28, 2011 8:29 am
> Subject: [Felvtalk] FeLV in Bone Marrow not in Blood
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> My 1 year kitten was diagnosed with FeLV back in Oct. She has never tested
> positive with either blood test, only with bone marrow aspiration after she 
> real sick at 20 weeks of age. As of now she is showing no signs of FeLV, just
> a low normal blood test. To look at her you would and the way she plays you
> would not even know she had FeLV.
> Questions are: Can a cat clear FeLV from the bone marrow? Could FeLV just stay
> in the bone marrow and never go to her blood? Can a cat expect to live a long
> life as long as the FeLV never moves from the bone marrow? If she stays well
> should we think about getting another bone marrow aspiration since the FeLV
> never been in the blood?
> Right now she on interferon 1 week on 1 week off. She off all other drug as
> she doing so well. Vet does not want to take her off the interferon ever.
> Thank you,
> Sharon
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