Oh, just read this email.  Yes, if the IFA is negative she could have the virus 
and put it into dormancy, like I mentioned in the other email.  And it is 
possible that the virus can re-activate.  But, who knows.  And not to be 
negative, but by then your other kitties may have gone on to Heaven so you 
wouldn't have to worry about them catching it at that point.  It's so 
frustrating.  Matter of fact, unless your other kitties have had a bone marrow 
test, they could also have the virus.  That's the really scary thing - that 
stupid virus could be in lots of our cats and we would never know.  Anyway, 
back to Amber, yes it could re-activate.  But it's hard to make decisions on 
possibilities.  Like I said, such a frustrating disease.

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Natalie, I have been wondering so many things. In the beginning I doubted that
Amber would be able to fight off the virus in the pitiful condition she was in.
I was surprised when she tested negative!
I also read that sometimes they can test negative by IFA but the viurs could
still be just laying wait ready to reappear in the future. Sometimes I think you
can read too much. Who knows what to believe!!
Amber is so full of enery and looks really good. She still weights only 6..8 
It is had to believe she has only gained an eight of a lb in three months but
her ribs don't show anymore. I also find it puzzling that she has not come in
heat yet. She may have already been spayed?? The vet guesses her to be approx 1
year old.
I know some folks mix their cats and don't worry but I can't help being
concerned about it.

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I wonder if extreme stress, bad diet, etc. can cause false positives.
In the first year (1992)that I trapped cats for our rescue group, an adult
cat tested positive for FeLV.  Three months later, she was negative!

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I am so releived she tested negative. I think maybe I have read too
much sometimes. All the upstairs cats have been vaccinated against felv so
helps even though I know it is not 100&. I am going to think about this
and view all the opinions. Thanks!

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