Wow, that's great news that she's tested negative. I'm so happy for you.

For my own peace of mind, I would insist on an IFA test before integrating her into my household. If your vet won't do it, there's probably another vet around who will.


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Hello to all,
Three months ago I rescued a cat that I found out in the field next to our house starving to death and did not energy to even purr or play. She tested positive for felv. Three months later this kitty who I named Amber is like a different cat. She is rotten, well fed, and full of energy. As some of you my recall, my
husband built her her own palace to live in which is in our basement. I have
three healthy cats upstaris and am not willinig to risk exposing them to a felv

I took Amber back to the vet this morning and the Elisa test was negative! I
asked the vet about getting her the IFA test and he did not even know what it was! I had printed off information re the test and he did read it. However, he
thinks she does not need the IFA test since she tested negative.
Should I go ahead and bring Amber upstaris with the rest of the gang or still
insist on the IFA test??
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