When our garage was flea-infested when I first started trapping feral cats,
I couldn't treat them individually.  The fleas were jumping on us in the
garage, thankfully, they didn't make it into the house.  I used diatomaceous
earth, sprinkled it all over the floor, cracks along the wall, in the garage
- a little away from the cats because you're not supposed to inhale it.  The
flea problem was resolved.  However, I also heard many good things about the
two cedar solutions below.  We spray around the outside of the house with
flea control from www.arbico-organics.com - these are friendly nematodes;
sure works for us because I cannot individually use a product on all cats,
and I don't want to continue using poisons on them.

- a whole list of things

Natural Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Cats
Get rid of fleas and ticks with our natural flea and tick control products.
Our flea spray and tick spray are the ultimate in flea and tick control for
dogs and cats.

Non Toxic DIY Flea Control Home Dogs Cats Flea Treatment Horse
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Brewer's Yeast and Garlic

Adding a yeast supplement to your cat's diet has been shown by some studies
to significantly reduce the number of fleas on your cat. However, some
veterinarians claim that both Brewer's yeast and garlic treatments are
ineffective, and that no controlled scientific or clinical tests have shown
these two ingredients to have any effect on fleas. Dr. Pitcairn's (author of
"Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats")
experience with yeast has shown some favorable effects, particularly when
the cat's health is good. 

Brewer's yeast tablets may act as a flea repellent (working from the inside
out). You can buy Brewer's yeast tablets and give these to your cat as a
treat. You can also rub the yeast directly into your cat's coat.

Raw garlic is considered another natural flea control treatment that may
also act as a flea repellent. It is supposed to make your cat's blood
unappealing to fleas. One recommendation is to crush a little garlic in your
cat's food everyday while you are fighting fleas. But please note that there
is some debate as to how safe garlic is for your feline friend. You may also
be able to find garlic tablets to give to your cat as treats.

Brewer's yeast and garlic are supposed to be relatively harmless to your
cat, so if you give yeast or garlic to your cat as a natural flea control
treatment, you can safely judge for yourself whether they offer any flea
protection or flea control for your cat.

Combination Brewer's yeast and garlic tablets can also be given to your cat
as a treat, although some cats are too finicky to consider this a treat.

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Rural wisdom is Sevin powder in the cat bedding and around the house.
On May 31, 2011, at 12:10 PM, Beth wrote:

> I need something new. Advantage just isn't working any more. Spent  
> all day yesterday cleaning & combing cats to get rid of fleas & they  
> just had Advantage 2 weeks ago!
> Frontline used to not kill the fleas, just make them sterile, is  
> this still the case? I couldn't use it because my one cat scratched  
> himself raw because the fleas were still crawling.
> Beth
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>    Have any of you used Pet Armor? It is supposed to be the exact same
>    thing as Frontline Plus - Fipronil and S Methoprene - The Pet Armor
>    site claims it is a generic for Frontline, and it is much cheaper.
>    I'm seeing it advertised in all sorts of places now, so if any of  
> you
>    have used it and find that it works and is not harmful, please  
> let me
>    know.
>    Lorrie

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