I have always heard that garlic ad onionsare deah to cats.   
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> When our garage was flea-infested when I first started trapping feral cats,
> I couldn't treat them individually.  The fleas were jumping on us in the
> garage, thankfully, they didn't make it into the house.  I used diatomaceous
> earth, sprinkled it all over the floor, cracks along the wall, in the garage
> - a little away from the cats because you're not supposed to inhale it.  The
> flea problem was resolved.  However, I also heard many good things about the
> two cedar solutions below.  We spray around the outside of the house with
> flea control from www.arbico-organics.com - these are friendly nematodes;
> sure works for us because I cannot individually use a product on all cats,
> and I don't want to continue using poisons on them.
> http://www.goodsearch.com/search.aspx?keywords=Natural+flea+control+for+cats
> - a whole list of things
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> Brewer's Yeast and Garlic
> Adding a yeast supplement to your cat's diet has been shown by some studies
> to significantly reduce the number of fleas on your cat. However, some
> veterinarians claim that both Brewer's yeast and garlic treatments are
> ineffective, and that no controlled scientific or clinical tests have shown
> these two ingredients to have any effect on fleas. Dr. Pitcairn's (author of
> "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats")
> experience with yeast has shown some favorable effects, particularly when
> the cat's health is good. 
> Brewer's yeast tablets may act as a flea repellent (working from the inside
> out). You can buy Brewer's yeast tablets and give these to your cat as a
> treat. You can also rub the yeast directly into your cat's coat.
> Raw garlic is considered another natural flea control treatment that may
> also act as a flea repellent. It is supposed to make your cat's blood
> unappealing to fleas. One recommendation is to crush a little garlic in your
> cat's food everyday while you are fighting fleas. But please note that there
> is some debate as to how safe garlic is for your feline friend. You may also
> be able to find garlic tablets to give to your cat as treats.
> Brewer's yeast and garlic are supposed to be relatively harmless to your
> cat, so if you give yeast or garlic to your cat as a natural flea control
> treatment, you can safely judge for yourself whether they offer any flea
> protection or flea control for your cat.
> Combination Brewer's yeast and garlic tablets can also be given to your cat
> as a treat, although some cats are too finicky to consider this a treat.
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> Rural wisdom is Sevin powder in the cat bedding and around the house.
> On May 31, 2011, at 12:10 PM, Beth wrote:
> > I need something new. Advantage just isn't working any more. Spent  
> > all day yesterday cleaning & combing cats to get rid of fleas & they  
> > just had Advantage 2 weeks ago!
> > Frontline used to not kill the fleas, just make them sterile, is  
> > this still the case? I couldn't use it because my one cat scratched  
> > himself raw because the fleas were still crawling.
> > Beth
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> >
> >    Have any of you used Pet Armor? It is supposed to be the exact same
> >    thing as Frontline Plus - Fipronil and S Methoprene - The Pet Armor
> >    site claims it is a generic for Frontline, and it is much cheaper.
> >    I'm seeing it advertised in all sorts of places now, so if any of  
> > you
> >    have used it and find that it works and is not harmful, please  
> > let me
> >    know.
> >
> >    Lorrie
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