Wow, this is truly golden! I love that the kids are really old enough to
understand what's going on with Sabrina and to be proactive in her care. And
I LOVE them wanting to name her after Eleanor Roosevelt. Sounds like this is
a great family!

Diane R. 

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Sabrina in one lucky girl.  We had originally hoped & prayed we could find
someone who would give her a temporary room for the period of time needed
for testing to determine whether she could beat this thing. We sent out SO
many emails & talked to SO many people.  Contacted all the networks we with.
But over the weekend, the golden goose flew over & laid the proverbial egg
on us. Not only does Sabrina get a room, she gets a home!

This is a young couple who live in Spring Green, WI, where Mew Haven & I am.
The woman is the daughter of one of my good friends & a nicer, more warm
family could never be asked for.  They had two Siamese cats that they lost
last year so Shelley asked a lot of questions about Sabrina & about the
disease.  I told her everything I knew which i s what I posted here
initially.  That Sabrina might not live long but on the other hand with good
care & a stress free environment, she might beat it & live a long healthy
life. Or she might just be a carrier & live many years.  I pointed out that
there are no guarantees with any pets & that there are FeLeuk kitties that
live longer than non-FeLeuk kitties.

Shelley's & Mark's girls are 13 & 16.  Both Shelley & Mark love cats & so do
the girls but it was the girls' decision because losing their Siamese last
year had been very hard on them.  I was absolutely fine with that & told
Shelley to tell the girls that it is possible that they might have to say
goodbye sooner than they want but on the other hand this is a chance for
both of them to play a huge role in the life of one little special needs
cat.  And as it turns out, it's what they want to do!  They are both very
excited.  And as Vicki, Shelley's mom told me, there could not possibly be a
kitty who will be loved more than Sabrina will be.

But listen to THIS!  The girls wanted to know if it would be  ok if they
changed her name to Eleanor.  For Eleanor Roosevelt who was such a 
strong woman!  Do these kids get it or not?????????!!!!!!  They do!    I 
am so grateful.

Sabrina/Eleanor is being spayed this week & will have her IFA done. My
friend who works MH with me & I will drive up & get Eleanor a week from

So far so beautifully good!

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