Some cats really leave their paw print on your heart, don't they.

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Blessings to all of you who have helped this wonderful little girl.   
My Dixie left this world a long time before I wanted but she had a couple of
wonderful years that most cats would exchange several of their 9 lives for.
I would encourage them to see if there is a holistic vet in the area who
works with a regular vet.  I truly believe my holistic vet (who chose
holistic work after practicing conventional vet work) with helping Dixie
have a wonderful quality of life and letting her leave this world with as
little trauma (to her--- not to me) as possible.  She worked closely with my
regular vets and, together, my little girl went from being a
feral/throw-away who was expected to leave this world in a very few months
to a wonderful,  
confident girl who had EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! for about three years.   
There was a lot of pain for me, Dixie's fans and all the vets when she left
this world (by the way, she did it on her own--not interested in being
anywhere near a vet thank you).  There was a lot of relief from the same
people when I took death off the table for Dixie after she came into my
life...she did have a wonderful support group.  She has been gone three
years (yes, that seems to be a constant number in my
life) and I miss her so much but wouldn't trade anything for the wonderful
time I have with her.
On Jun 6, 2011, at 3:11 PM, Pam Norman wrote:

> Sabrina in one lucky girl.  We had originally hoped & prayed we could 
> find someone who would give her a temporary room for the period of 
> time needed for testing to determine whether she could beat this 
> thing. We sent out SO many emails & talked to SO many people.  
> Contacted all the networks we with.  But over the weekend, the golden 
> goose flew over & laid the proverbial egg on us. Not only does Sabrina 
> get a room, she gets a home!
> This is a young couple who live in Spring Green, WI, where Mew Haven & 
> I am. The woman is the daughter of one of my good friends & a nicer, 
> more warm family could never be asked for.  They had two Siamese cats 
> that they lost last year so Shelley asked a lot of questions about 
> Sabrina & about the disease.  I told her everything I knew which i s 
> what I posted here initially.  That Sabrina might not live long but on 
> the other hand with good care & a stress free environment, she might 
> beat it & live a long healthy life. Or she might just be a carrier & 
> live many years.  I pointed out that there are no guarantees with any 
> pets & that there are FeLeuk kitties that live longer than non-FeLeuk 
> kitties.
> Shelley's & Mark's girls are 13 & 16.  Both Shelley & Mark love cats & 
> so do the girls but it was the girls' decision because losing their 
> Siamese last year had been very hard on them.  I was absolutely fine 
> with that & told Shelley to tell the girls that it is possible that 
> they might have to say goodbye sooner than they want but on the other 
> hand this is a chance for both of them to play a huge role in the life 
> of one little special needs cat.  And as it
> turns out, it's what they want to do!  They are both very excited.   
> And as Vicki, Shelley's mom told me, there could not possibly be a 
> kitty who will be loved more than Sabrina will be.
> But listen to THIS!  The girls wanted to know if it would be  ok if 
> they changed her name to Eleanor.  For Eleanor Roosevelt who was
> such a strong woman!  Do these kids get it or not?????????!!!!!!   
> They do!    I am so grateful.
> Sabrina/Eleanor is being spayed this week & will have her IFA done.  
> My friend who works MH with me & I will drive up & get Eleanor a week 
> from today.
> So far so beautifully good!
> Pam
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