In what state/town is needing this help?

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Hello everone, It's been a long time to come back here - I need your help.

I am trying to reach out to as many as people possible hoping that, there will be a good solution to this situation. One of the local rescue group have eleven 5 week old kittens (their moms were put back as TNR) - the kittens are all healthy. The rescue group was going to euthanize all the kittens yesterday as they felt that, they would not be able to adopt them out. but a feral cat/TNR group in town offered to take these kittens temporary in an effort to try to find a home for each one of them - I know it sound like a mission impossilbe - I strongly believe that, if we try hard enough, we can find a good home for everyone.

But I am hoping that someone in the groups may have some ideas or may be able to adopt/forester one or some of these kittens -
We just don't want them to get killed as they are so very healthy.

Please contact me personally if you have any idea/offers/suggestions at all - any idea is very much appreciated.
And please do feel free to forward this message to anyone.

Thank you.



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