Hi all,

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I wanted to offer an update to those of 
you who followed our story with our little bundle of spunk, Aggie.
We helped Aggie cross over this morning, and it was one of the hardest 
things I've had to do.  It was also the right thing to do.  Her anemia 
caused her to gasp for air since yesterday evening, and she was starting
 to involuntarily shake, could no longer walk, make it to the litter 
box, and could barely raise her head to watch the lizards running around
 our patio.  She was my little valiant fighter for 7 years, but 
ultimately FELV took her from me.  We tried everything short of a 
transfusion, and it just wasn't enough.
I firmly 
believe that LTCI bought us about a year of good quality time.  Her 
bloodwork was taking a VERY marked decline last June, and LTCI reversed it.  
Unfortunately, FELV is a tough nut to crack and there was only so much 
we could do.

It was very peaceful, she just went to sleep while we 
sang her song to her , and told her what a blessing she has been in our 
life.  If love could heal, she'd have been the healthiest cat ever.  But
 right now, she's not in any pain, no more seizures, no more force 
feeding, no more shots, and only peace.    

There is a void in my home, and my heart right now.  But I am so, so 
thankful to have had her at all.  I didn't even like cats before I met 
her, and now I'm a sucker for them!  

Thank you for your advice, your collective knowledge, and more importantly, for 
the kindness you show to everyone who is dealing with this nasty disease.

Peace to all of you, and good luck on your journeys with your beloved 

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