Ben, my husband and I are praying that the best decision for Dex will become 
obvious to you, whatever that is.  The most difficult decision is deciding that 
his quality of life...tubes, pills, anything out of the ordinary on a morre 
than temporary basis, would serve only those who will be left behind.  God 
bless you and your family as you wrestle with this difficult decision.  
Dexter....we love you.  Please..let your beloved Daddy look in your eyes and 
tell him what you need.  Sara

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We are having a hard time making a very tough decision for Dexter. In the past 
three days, Dex has suffered facial and paw swelling and has started having 
difficulty breathing. Today has been bad and he is now receiving oxygen at the 
Dallas emergency vet clinic. X-rays show that he has lymph node involvement in 
every area and his liver and spleen are enlarged and have move out of the 
proper body cavity. This puts him in, I think, stage 4 of lymphosarcoma. He is 
whimpering and obviously in pain. We don't want to give up and we are willing 
to do chemo for him. We want to do what's best for Dexter, but it is so hard to 
make that final decision. Is it time for his suffering to be over? Does he have 
a chance? 
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