I'm very sorry to hear about Dexter.  He sounds like such a special boy.  It's 
never easy to know exactly the right time to let such a cherished friend go.  I 
have lost so many to this disease and I wonder the same things at times.  Did 
this one suffer?  Did I wait too long?  Did I miss something?  Could I have 
changed the outcome?  Could I have done more?  I've just tried to focus on the 
positive.  Dexter had you by his side through all of this.  What more could he 
possibly have asked for?  All that matters is that you love him and had his 
best interest in mind the whole time and he knows that.  He was so lucky to 
have you and you him.  Hoping you find comfort in all the wonderful memories 
you have of Dexter.    


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