A few years back I had to euthanize a kitty that had FIP.  He did have fluid in 
his lungs but it did not come out when he was euthanised so if Dexter had fluid 
come out it doesn't mean that he for sure had it in his lungs.  It's kind of 
weird how some release bodily fluids when they die and some don't.  I found a 
dead possum in the road that had poop beside him and then I had a foster kitten 
die that did pee when she left her body.  So I've seen them release fluids and 
not do it.  When my FeLV kitty died in the vet's office in March she had blood 
in her chest and couldn't breath but when she died on the table right in front 
of me she didn't release any fluids nor did blood come out of her nose or 
mouth.  Oh crap, now that I'm thinking about her I'm starting to cry again.  
Thought I was done with tears from that experience.  Man, dealing with animals 
can really hurt.

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The fluids escaping is a normal thing.  This happened wen my father passed and 
he was not moved.  This is a part of life and I would not miss being there for 
hiim just because it made it hard for me.  Our thoughts must be with our loved 
ones, not ourselves, no matter how hard it is.  Knowing that they did not 
suffer alone, that they knew someone cared and loved them is more important to 
me.  It is important to me that their last memories are that someone loved them 
---- Diane Rosenfeldt <drosenfe...@wi.rr.com> wrote: 
> Natalie, I have never had this experience either when one of my furbabies
> has passed -- but I haven't picked them up or moved them around, perhaps
> this is just a gravity issue. I work for the county Medical Examiner, and I
> can attest that more often than not, there is some sort of fluid that
> escapes when a person dies. Could be mucus, urine, whatever might seek its
> own level when all the muscles relax. In Dexter's case, I'm guessing it was
> fluid that was building up somewhere, but that doesn't necessarily mean it
> was making him suffer. I'm sorry that was the last thing you saw happen with
> him and it bothered you, but please don't let it make you feel guilty. It's
> natural.
> Diane R.
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> I know that when an animal or human being dies, this is supposed to happen -
> but in all the years and all the euthanasia I had to have administered,
> always holding the animals (cats and dogs), and then staying with them for
> about 15 minutes (our vet allows everyone to be alone with them) - it has
> NEVER happened, yet! I wonder if that's unusual? Natalie
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> It is natural for a body to release fluids and solids as the soul leaves it.
> This is true with animals and with people.  It is not a sign of pain.  It is
> a sign of muscle relaxation.  This is one reason a vet may wrap a body in
> plastic.  I never, ever, never have or will leave a friend to leave this
> world without me holding him/her and this happens.  It also happens in
> natural deaths.  Don't ask about releases when a person commits suicide or
> even is murdered.  It can be awful if a family member discovers the body.
> This, again, is not a sign of pain.........
> On Jul 6, 2011, at 4:25 PM, Ben Williams wrote:
> > Thanks so much, everyone.  It's been a really hard day for us and I'm
> > haunted by seeing Dexter this morning struggling so hard to live.   
> > You've
> > all been so wonderful and your kind comments have really helped today 
> > - if anything, we are realizing even more now just how much we love 
> > that little boy.  He was so special to us.
> >
> >  If I may, I have a question regarding Euthanasia for those of you who 
> > have been through this before - for those of you who are squeamish, 
> > please just skip this one:
> >
> > Dexter passed peacefully when Dr. Cantrell administered the euthanasia 
> > this morning.  He let out a small sigh when the initial sedative was 
> > injected and silently slipped away when the final injection was made.  
> > A few minutes later, as we were still petting him, a fair amount of 
> > yellow, clear liquid came out of his mouth and nose.  I assume this 
> > was fluid that had started to
> > collect in his lungs, perhaps part of the jaundice from his liver?   
> > I don't
> > know - I just can't stand the idea that he was in severe pain for a 
> > while there and that, perhaps, we put him through it.  He had a chest 
> > X- ray on

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