That's just not right to mention ice cream and cat poop in the same sentence!

I was kind of hoping it was the FIV but if not I need to look into it.  Thanks 
for mentioning the probiotics.  Maybe I'll try it.

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The smelly poop cat (Ophelia) is very healthy for her age - not even any
renal problems; she just doesn't assimilate the food properly - eats and
poops....she is NOT FIV/FeLV+!!!!
Oh, YES, I DO wake up to Ophelia's "aroma" - and her litter box is in a
bathroom far away....past our bathroom, a hallway.....
None of our 5 FIV cats has runny poop.  I do sprinkle some
acidophilus/probiotic into their food for better digestion...however, it's
NOT working with Ophelia's - hers is sort-of Carvel ice cream consistency!

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I doubt she could compete with my FIV + cat.  It has actually woken me up in
the middle of the night.  It's really bad because he doesn't cover so as
soon as I get the first whiff of it I drop everything and go running to find
which litterbox he used and cover it immediately.  Even if I'm eating I put
everything down and go take care of it.  It's not like I could eat anymore
anyway!  Yuck.  Lots of times in the middle of winter I have my patio door
wide open to get the smell out.
He's always had runny poop too.  Think it's cause of the FIV?  I heard that
it can have that effect on them.  But then I wondered if it's something
else.  Do any of you guys have FIV + cats that almost always have runny

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> We have an almost 19 yr old cat - I swear, I should market the smell of
> poop: It could raise the dead! It is so potent, that I wait at night until
> she makes one or two before I go to bed.....I bet she could win the
> International smelliest poop contest!
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> Maybe your cat's poop doesn't stink! Maybe he's too good to have smelly
> poop! His name is Sugar after all.
> Just kidding. I can't imagine any cat not having smelly poop. Geez,
> couldn't believe the difference between my cat and my dog when I got my
> first cat about 6 or 7 years ago.
> It's funny how there are so many different experiences with the different
> kinds of litter. I guess that's why there are so many choices. It gets so
> confusing though.

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