You are exactly right Natalie....... It is shocking that the FDA
cares little or nothing about the people who buy products they 
approve that are known carcinogenics.

The Agriculture Dept. also care nothing about the food we eat.
Meat is contaminated with e-coli, and vegetables and fruit are 
sprayed with toxic herbacides and pestacides.

It is all about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and how much big corporations
can fatten their pockets.

No wonder we have to worry about what they are putting in our pet
food.  If they don't care what they sell, they obviously care even
less about our pets.

I could get up on my soap box and go on and on about this, but
I'll spare you.


On 07-14, Natalie wrote:

> We were "talking" about the FDA last week - here's another perfect
> example of how one cannot even trust them on something as simple as
> sunscreen ingredients! And all this, WITH what we think are strict
> regulations - and those who want to do away with ALL regulations,
> making it easier for big corporations to make more money, makes one
> wonder whether they ever consider even their own families in their
> quest for more and more profits?
> Whom can one trust, if the FDA, supposedly protecting us from bad things,
> has known all this? What else is it they keep under their hats?
> Study:  Many sunscreens increase skin cancer risk, FDA has known for a
> decade but done nothing
> A new report issued by the consumer protection organization Environmental
> Working Group (EWG) reveals that many popular sunscreens contain ingredients
> known to spur the growth and spread of skin cancer cells, which defeats
> their stated purpose...

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