Martha, you will have to start over on Nibbles. Once you get the first shot, you have to get the second within 3 weeks of the first for it to be effective.

It would be wise to have Peaches tested. Getting her the vaccination against FeLV will not show a positive test like the FIV would. I would keep her separate from the others of course, until her worms are gone and she has had two FeLV tests that have the same result. Glad all the others are all current! Your a good momma to be cautious.

I hope this helps, we all try to share our experiences and knowledge on this forum, but we are not experts :)

Keep us posted.

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We have a new addition (Peaches) to my household, making a total of 4 cats.
Need advice on Feline Leukemia Vaccinations.

I have not introduced new cat (Peaches) to my other cats, as I want to make
sure all are safe against feline leukemia. Peaches is up to date with all
shots, but waiting on vet to do fecal because I saw a tapeworm.
Peaches is sequestered to basement. Very comfy down there.

Here's the situation:

*Peaches* (New Cat)
Age: 4.5 yr
Current vaccination for Feline Leukemia, but *was never tested* before
Peaches was never tested for Feline Leukemia, she was given 1st & 2nd feline
leukemia in 2009.
She also had a vaccination in 2010

I have 3 other cats:
All cats will stay indoors!

*Nibbles *(got from shelter when 1 yr. old)
Age: 2.5
Nibbles had 1st Feline Leukemia shot 3/23/11, but not 2nd Feline Leukemia
Didn't get 2nd: worrying about tumors & didn't think that I would "rescue" a
cat again and planning on keeping all cats indoors.
*However, I rescued another cat.*
Should I go ahead and give Nibbles her second shot of the series, or is it
too late??

Age: 11
Current Feline Leukemia vacc

Age: 6 months
Current Feline Leukemia vacc

What do you think I should do???
Should I go ahead and give Nibbles her second shot of the series, or is it
too late??
Should I get Peaches tested for Feline Leukemia??

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