On 08-04, Natalie wrote:

> I hate people (except us)....do you know how cowardly and cruel
> people are? They bring their cats/dogs to surrender at a shelter
> and claim that they are strays...a 14-yr old cat was just brought
> to a NY shelter, healthy but with a slight sniffle - how can anyone
> do that?  What kind of horrible race are we?  Baby comes, cat or
> dog get tossed out; a dog comes, the cat is abandoned...it's a
> throw-away-society!

Natalie, How well I understand what you are saying. Because of my
rescue work I've begun to hate most people too.  I've rescued cats
all my life, and I've seen this over and over again.  People think
nothing of abandoning their old, pregnant or unwanted cats. I am
ashamed to say I'm a member of the human race!

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