There are many stories on this board of cats who are pos living to a ripe
old age.  However, they are very susceptible to infections and to lymphomas,
for example.  Had my Romeo who was a stray I brought in from the street & he
died very quickly from lymphoma years after.  Basically, it seems the best
you can do for these little ones is good food, lots of good care, and love.
I do not give interferon though a couple of times Tucson has had a very low
white blood cell count & my vet used a series of immune regulin injections
on her & count bounced back up.  I probably run her to the vet faster than I
might the other cats just so as not to miss any infection brewing.  I had a
senior blood panel done on her this year & everything was good.  But I know
that things happen quickly and I enjoy her every day (well, almost every
day! LOL) and hope for the best.


As for the other cats, they had spent years together-sharing dishes,
grooming each other, using the same litter boxes, and occasionally getting
into little scuffles.  They all tested neg & I just don't think its quite as
contagious as some of the literature  (& some vets) make it out to be.  



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That is wonderful! I keep hearing a lot of stories filled with hope. I keep
telling Fletch he can kickthis and he growls at me(-: He's a stinker!!  I
had my two vaccinated today and the third one is going to the vet tomorrow.
I hope he is negative also.


Thanks so much for sharing.

Take care


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My Tucson is 13 & was found pos when she was 4.  She had tested neg as
kitten but was never outside so vets were sure she was pos from birth.  She
lives with my other cats all of whom were around her for 3-4 years before I
found her to be pos.  She's still going strong and none of the other cats
tested pos.  I vaccinated the others.

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Hi everyone!  My one year old sweet litle boy was just diagnosed. I have a
million questions and hope to learn a lot from all of you. This is every
hard to swallow. I have 3 other adult cats in myj house that have not been
vaccinated for felv. I didn't see a reason for it, I didn't trust the
vaccine and I am sorry now. Funny thing is, is that I tried so hard to keep
my cats healthy. I wouldn't even wear my shoes in the house for fear I would
carry something in!
Anyway, my little boy Fletch has a fever, horrible looking coat and I can
feel his hipbones and some of his backbone. He continues to eat and drink
ok. They are on a grain free diet and have a water fountain.
Thanks so much for being here.

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