That is wonderful! I keep hearing a lot of stories filled with hope. I keep
telling Fletch he can kickthis and he growls at me(-: He's a stinker!!  I
had my two vaccinated today and the third one is going to the vet tomorrow.
I hope he is negative also.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Take care

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 8:21 PM, Christiane Biagi <>wrote:

> My Tucson is 13 & was found pos when she was 4.  She had tested neg as
> kitten but was never outside so vets were sure she was pos from birth.  She
> lives with my other cats all of whom were around her for 3-4 years before I
> found her to be pos.  She's still going strong and none of the other cats
> tested pos.  I vaccinated the others.
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>  Hi everyone!  My one year old sweet litle boy was just diagnosed. I have
> a
> million questions and hope to learn a lot from all of you. This is every
> hard to swallow. I have 3 other adult cats in myj house that have not been
> vaccinated for felv. I didn't see a reason for it, I didn't trust the
> vaccine and I am sorry now. Funny thing is, is that I tried so hard to keep
> my cats healthy. I wouldn't even wear my shoes in the house for fear I
> would
> carry something in!
> Anyway, my little boy Fletch has a fever, horrible looking coat and I can
> feel his hipbones and some of his backbone. He continues to eat and drink
> ok. They are on a grain free diet and have a water fountain.
> Thanks so much for being here.
> Marcia
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