Get Spicy settled in and be sure your other cats are vaccinated and then you 
can introduce them to each other.  I have 2 fev positive cats and 7 negative 
cats  and no problems.  They have been together for over 2 years now.  I would 
like t meet your vet and give him/her a piece of my mind.  My vet said get the 
negatives vacinated and then wait another 2 weeks to be sure and then mix them. 
 It has been over 2 years since Annie tested positive and she is as healthy as 
the others.

---- April Johnson <> wrote: 
> Spicy tested positive with the ELISA test on June 11th.  She is being 
> re-tested next Wednesday and I'm having the blood sent out this time.  With 
> the ELISA test she was a strong positive the vet said.  She seems perfectly 
> healthy except one of her eyes does run some days.  She doesn't appear sick, 
> she's put on weight, eats really well.  

From: Lynda Wilson <>
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Having two Feline Leukemia cats

April, let me ask you this first...has an IFA test been done? This test should 
always follow a positive ELISA test. The ELISA tests have a reputation for 
false positives.
I will say that she does have a chance of clearing the virus. How long ago was 
Spicy originally tested?
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>From: April Johnson 
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>Subject: [Felvtalk] Having two Feline Leukemia cats
>In June we adopted two cats a young black female(Spicy) and a orange female 
>(Sunny) from animal control.  Our local shelter was overrun with cats and 
>begging people to come adopt.  When we took them to the vets a week after 
>being adopted the receptionist asked if we wanted them tested.  I did not know 
>when I adopted them that animal control does not test the cats unless you 
>request it.  Well Spicy tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  My vet wanted me 
>to put her to sleep because she couldn't live with my other cats.  I couldn't 
>do it she was only 10 months old.  So I transformed a spare bedroom into her 
>home.  She has a cat tree, sofa, windows and toys galore.  I think she is 
>lonely being by herself.  A rescue in my area just posted about a mother cat 
>and her juvenile litter of kittens having all just tested positive for feline 
>leukemia.  I was thinking of looking for a friend for Spicy.  I had talked to 
>a shelter in our area that takes in
>  FELV and FIV positive cats.  They recommended not adding because it could 
> make Spicy sick or the other cat sick.  Spicy is do next week to get retested 
> for FELV, the vet said there is remote chance she could turn negative.  If 
> she is still positive  do you think it would hurt her to get her a friend?? 
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