Last August, a furry little kitten was saved by a woman who was gardening;
she saw a fox chase the kitten, and took him inside.  She brought it to our
vet, and of course, I ended up with Jonathan, who was adopted in February.

However, this cat will never be vaccinated again (directions from our vet),
and he will be strictly an indoor cat, anyway.  After getting vaccines, he
came home to us.  He was the most subdued kitten, always sleeping!  We had
him checked out, and it seems that the vaccines, maybe NOT caused, but
certainly brought to the surface toxoplasmosis.  He was on meds for over 5
months, until, after countless blood tests, he no longer had it.



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Hi everyone,

   I was wondering what the general concensus was on giving a positive
kitten the FVRCP vaccination. Long story short, my recently adopted 12- week
kitten (Macey) was spayed and 1st FVRCP vaccine given, as well as Rabies,
before she was FeLV tested. 2 days later, she came down with a very bad URI
(which she got during her short stay at the shelter), and I didn't think she
would make it. But she did, so now I'm not sure whether to keep her
vaccinated or not. Also, I've started doing online research, but does anyone
know of supplements that actually might help the immune system? I have
ordered L-lysine powder and treats, and I'm already giving my 2 stomatitis
kitties interferon (alpha) and am thinking maybe to start giving that to
Macey also. I have Forti-flora and thought it might help a bit, as well.


 Thanks so much,

               Cindy   >^..^<  

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