hopefully to meet ToriRose and Isaac at the Bridge.
The local vet's euthanisia was really ugly. It happens. ( I thought it would be 
easier for her rather than riding for 45 minutes).  The local vet was no 
stranger to her.
She had had fluids the previous 3 Saturdays.  Our usual vet was not able to 
give her as much fluids Saturday because of her breathing.  I came home and let 
her out and she disappeared into the woods, coming back when it got dark.  I 
put her on the patio to rest Sunday morning.  She lay there awhile and left and 
again returned in the darkness as I trusted she would though I began calling 
her in midafternoon.
Mama (no relation to her)  washed her last night.  Physically, it was time.  
You had counseled me that I would know.
Some of you know a rough translation of a Rumi poem "Whoever brought me to the 
tavern will have to take me home".
BreAnne was an alpha female - - just over 2 years old.  Her playmate ToriRose 
left in February 2010.  Isaac left in February 2011.  She got really thin last 
fall and then rebounded.  You helped me with her this spring when she quit 
eating and then decided to eat only Fancy Feast beef.  She rebounded in July.  
will leave it there.
Remaining positives are Mama and Luscious and Shallie Jean and Hope.            
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