I am so very sorry for what you are going through. It really is just like loosing one of your family. What you wrote was lovely. so very true. They ARE a, member of the family that is no more, and the pain inside is terrible. I have lost 3 cats this year, but my real baby. J,C, is still alive. I am ashamed to say in all the years I have never even aware that there was a vaccine against Leukermia. As he is still slowly getting better on there I will write his story another day. (.He still had his placenta and now is 6 years old).

Time eases the loss, but you never forget. For me they mark the years. The pleasure and unconditional love they give you is almost impossible to describe,

I have found those that say 'Oh it's just a cat!
Others, 'never mind just buy another one'.
Even 'ugh cats are vermin, best rid of them really'.
Also those who look at you, and by their eyes you can see they understand your suffering so well. It so helps to talk to someone can understand, or even begin to understand. Be brave there will be a lot of people on this site that will be thinking of you apart from me. Fran.
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