If he is drinking a lot, maybe look into diabetes.  I have it and it tends to 
make you real thirsty sometimes.  Wht about urinry tract poblems like sturvte 
crystals.  Does he urinate out of is box?  And how much urine does he pass?  
Homey has a reoccurring problem with the crystals ad I keep track o the urine 
balls in the boxes.  When I see a small one (like a quarter or silver dollar 
size) then it is off to the vet with a sample.  I have also started her on a 
cranberry supplement to head this off. 
You said his pupils tend to stay evenly dialated and don't react to light 
normally.  Maybe he is like me.  My eyes are light sensitive and I wear those 
yellow sunglasses (one of those only !19.95 deals from walmart) in addition to 
my glasses that darken in sunlight.  It really helps.  I am also sensitive to 
glare at night.  Maybe he just always squints because the light bothers his 
eyes.  Just some thoughts. Won't hurt to ask.

---- Anne Myles <anne.my...@uni.edu> wrote: 
> My Dublin seems to be doing quite well over all, happy and playful most 
> days and eats anything that isn't nailed to the floor.  Once or twice, 
> though, he's had an "off day," most recently Sunday.  On Sunday, he kept 
> his eyes shut or barely squinted them open, and he seemed lethargic.  He 
> did eat normally.  By Sunday night he seemed to be coming around and was 
> fine yesterday and today, with normal activity.  Any insight into this?
> He does sort of squint one or both eyes at time, but I've had his eyes 
> examined by the vet (with the machine that looks into the back of the 
> eye) after the last day he squinted badly and no signs of disease were 
> found.  His pupils are not as reactive to light as most cats' and tend 
> to stay (evenly) dilated, but they do react some and the vet didn't seem 
> worried about it.  No signs of eye infection or URI then or now.
> I'm also noticing he drinks quite a bit of water.  I read that FeLV can 
> cause kidney disease?  Is this something I should be concerned about?
> I'm thinking of taking Dublin to the vet Friday (when I have a little 
> more time) even if he acting fine and asking for bloodwork so we can see 
> where we are.  Is there anything I should ask my vet particularly to 
> look into or examine?  He's an excellent vet and very supportive about 
> Dublin but I'm not sure whether he'll be thinking about all the things 
> he should look for in a FeLV+ cat.
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