I guess I am lucky, my vets, out here in a small Kansas town, don't believe in 
that at all. They work with them. Take care and good luck with your kitten and 
Maddie. You are an Angel(-: 
This list is full of Angels!

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On Nov 18, 2011, at 10:46 AM, Marci Greer <frecklescras...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> We have a FELv + kitty Maddie who was diagnosed over 3 yrs ago and is doing 
> wonderfully, We just took another stray kitty named Charles to the vet on 
> Monday, before they did the combo test my husband said, no matter what the 
> test comes back we ARE NOT putting him to sleep, the vet came back in and he 
> did test a weak positive for FELv, if my husband would have not said what he 
> did I'm sure they would have started with putting him to sleep right then 
> (the same as they did with Maddie) , they did go ahead and neuter him and we 
> brought him home and he is doing very well (asymptomatic) and is rooming with 
> our Maddie. I talked to the vet regarding FELv because I can't understand why 
> the first option is always putting them to sleep, it makes me crazy thinking 
> about how many cats are put to sleep and don't deserve to be, The vet said 
> that FELv + cats will die a slow and painful death, I said ok well what about 
> the ones that test false positive or the ones that test positive and are able 
> to throw the virus off, he said he has never heard of that happen, I guess 
> what I am getting at is there any way to reverse what these vets are taught 
> in college. I know I'm grasping but I just hate this so much for these cats 
> that can lead a healthy life and aren't even given the chance! 
> Marci, Maddie, & Charles
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