Marinda, I know how you feel because I have several FelV cats in my
sanctuary.  I am amazed at how long most of them have lived. Some
have shown no symptoms at all but others have died in a year of two.
FelV is not always a death sentence.  Many cats throw off the virus,
others keep it in remission for years with no symptoms, and others 
are not so lucky.   Give your ginger kitty good food, no stress, 
and lots of love, and if she should show signs of illness get her
to the vet right away.  Many FelV related illnesses can be treated.

Please keep us posted on her.


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>    Sent: Sunday, February 5, 2012 5:16 PM
>    Subject: [Felvtalk] My heart is broken
>    My  darling  ginger  cat has been diagnosed with feline leukemia. I am
>    devastated  because  the  vet  says that there is nothing he can do to
>    help us. We try our uttermost best to feed our cat but don't know what
>    to  do  to  help our darling. Is there some kind of medication that we
>    could  recommend  to  our  vet?  Could  someone  PLEASE help us to get
>    through  this  traumatic experience? We live in South Africa and don't
>    know where to get help. Please help us! Marinda

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