Well I got surprisingly good news when I stopped at the vet around 5:00!
Dublin is calmer, he drank and ate well, AND his pupils are showing light
reflex now!! They constricted and he even flinched away when the vet shone
the light in his eyes. So at least he should be able to sense light and
dark, and with this much improvement in one afternoon who knows what there
will be in a few days?

The vet used inhaled anesthetic, not ketamine.  It's still a mystery to him
why this happened, and he is *extremely* cutting-edge and educated and
experienced, and has never seen anything like this. It's not from hypoxia
as the way they do the anesthetic apparently prevents that (the patient is
getting oxygen during and after), not hypertension as that would show signs
in the eye. Maybe something neurologic related to the FeLV?  The vet and I
are both frustrated not to know, but it's so hopeful that he is getting --
and feeling -- somewhat better.
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