For everyone who has lost a precious feline! Natalie

"I Am Always With Her"


And God Asked the Feline Spirit,

Are you Ready to Come Home?

Oh Yes, Quite So, Replied the Precious Soul,

"And As a Cat, You Know I Am Most Able To

Decide Anything For Myself.Are You Coming Then? Asked God.

Soon, Replied the Whiskered Angel, For You See, I Must Come Slowly,

For My Human Friend is Troubled and Sad and She Needs Me Quite Certainly.


Doesn't She Understand, Asked God, "That You Will Never Leave Her"

That Your Souls Are Intertwined For All Eternity.

That Nothing Is Created or Destroyed! 

It Just Is.Forever and Ever.


Eventually She Will Understand, Replied the Glorious Cat 

For I Will Whisper Into Her Heart That I Am Always With Her!

"I Just Am, Forever and Ever"



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