Hi, Can you explain what the "raw diet" is? Is it your own concoction of food?  
I feed my FELV the Science Diet dry food.  She seems to be doing very well on 
it.  I also supplement with one pouch of Whiskas Gravy Sensations.  I have 
heard of the Lysine.  Where do I get it for the cats and the name?  Thanks.  
Dotty - Freehold.

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I can't tell you much about the FIP, but as for the FELV, I can tell you the 
most important thing you can do for them is give them a good 
species-appropriate diet. I recommend a homemade or commercial raw diet. My 
felv+ (Abbey) has been on it for over 3 years and is doing remarkably well. She 
was dying when I got her as a stray. All her symptoms practically disappeared 
when I started feeding her the raw diet -- it was nothing short of amazing.  I 
also supplement her diet with 250mg of l-lysine in her food daily, and I also 
give her 1/2 capsule of Transfer Factor tri-factor Plus everyday. I may be just 
one of the lucky ones, but I doubt it. I tribute her good health to her 
diet. This diet will keep their immune system functioning at its fullest. Feed 
it to all your cats. See catinfo.org and catnutrition.org. Low stress is also 
key to good health. 
As for the vomiting, I would almost guarantee this diet will cure that. 5 or 6 
years of vomiting can wreak havoc on a cats health. You didn't mention what you 
were feeding them. Dry food? That may be the culprit with the vomiting. Could 
be he is allergic to something in the food, or if it contains grains, that 
could be the culprit. Cats cannot digest grains...period. That is why lots 
of cats vomit on a regular basis. Yes, get your negative vaccinated every year 
as long as he doesn't have a reaction to it. I would definitely keep him after 
being re-homed so many times. Just my 2 cents...Good luck with your kitties!
Tracey (in Indiana)
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