How sad!  I am so sorry - it's bad enough to lose one at a time, but two..

Last month, I lost two cats, one day apart (one was expected, one was not).



May I ask what Brando was getting for his stomatitis?  One of our FIV+ cats
has stomatitis and gets injections of prednisone every three months,
sometimes sooner - depending on how he's doing.


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Monday we lost two wonderful fur friends.... Brando,well he was one of my
"boyfriends" at Sids..We had MANY make out sessions which was me holding him
while he slobbered all overr my hair face neck :) He was a lover thats for
sure,he will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart...I had a special
connection with him and knew when he was in need of his medication for his
awful stomatitis that MANY of our Sids kids get. I will forever miss this
awesome guy!


Luna,but as I lovingly called her Tuna Pishes :)  Well this wonderful girl
was lucky enough to have gotten herself a home around Christmas time almost
2 years ago with a wonderful family. I had considered adopting her but I
believe she was in her meant to be home,she too will ALWAYS have a special
place in my heart.....


"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary

than our own,

Live within a fragile circle,easily and often breached.

Unable to accept its awful gaps.

We still would have it no other way"


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