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South, NJ Felv+ Kitten Needs Foster Until Further Testing Can Take Place!

May 12, 2012
*Help give little Guinness a chance at life!* ***Please direct all inquiries
to Ann Baldwin at or 856-685-7506. *A family in South
NJ heard a kitten crying and after searching for hours found him stuck in a
tree in a ravine hanging over train tracks. No momma or siblings were in
sight. We think momma couldn't get her baby out of the tree so she gave up
and moved on.
The family was finally able to get him down and brought him in for the
evening. He's an adorable brown male tabby that's 6-8 weeks old (photos
attached). He's in very good shape and is eating on his own. He loves human
companionship, playing and laps and purrs loudly and continuously.
The family quickly fell in love with him, named him Guinness and planned to
keep him and integrate him into their current family of two cats and a dog.
But sadly, he tested FeLV+ and because of the existing kitties they can't
keep him nor are they able to segregate him for 6 months so they can re-test
in an effort to keep him.
So they're looking for a FeLV household or sanctuary to take him or a
feline-free home to foster for 6 months until they can re-test. While he has
been tested, he is too small to be neutered or vaccinated yet.

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