Hi !
Just wanted to introduce myself - and my cat, Tango :)  About 3 weeks  ago 
we took him in to the vets because we noticed he was losing weight. The vet  
thought he could have an overactive thyroid, so she took some blood and 
sent the  results off for testing. A couple days later, she called to tell us 
that he in  fact had Feline Leukemia :(   After Tango, our other major 
concern was  for our other 3 cats - so we took them in for testing, and 
they all  came back negative.  At the same time they got the shot against 
Feline  Leukemia. Tango also had a yeast infection in both ears, so we had 
drops  for that. The vet also gave us a course of antibiotics for him, plus  
Interferon.  Poor cat doesn't like me much any more, as I've been the one  to 
give him his meds - but he still likes to wake me up in the middle of the  
night for tickles :)
We're giving him kitten food to try and help him gain weight. Any other  
suggestions for helping him stay as healthy as possible ?  Apart from the  
weight loss, he seems perfectly happy, thankfully :)
           ~  Jenny  :)
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