It's always great to hear of something else we can try for our FIV/FeLV
positive cats! I suppose vets could contact Dr. Globerman  to learn more of
her results with this drug. Natalie




FELINE MEDICAL NEWS - Treatment aid for FIV and FeLV cats!!!


THIS is VERY exciting! I have started LTCI therapy ( <> with my sweet, FIV positive 'Chovi-kitty' who has been
suffering numerous symptoms as a result of his inability to fight off
illness in the way that normal, FIV negative cats can. His latest
'affliction' is a raw, bleeding, slow-growing sore on his nose and cheeks in
addition to inflammation, congestion, and general weakness. He has had 2
injections of LTCI so far and it seems to be taking effect!  


Dr. Stephanie Globerman, a feline specialist in East Cobb, Georgia (
<> has
enlightened me to this valuable treatment, and she is responsible for
administering it to my dear, sick kitty. (A special thank you to Gloria and
Barbara for referring me.)


Friends, you need to learn about this and spread the word, so other cats
like Chovi can be more comfortable and healthier.


Please keep in mind that not all FIV+ cats have issues like mine. Many FIV+
cats have no issues at all and live a very long, healthy life. This
treatment is for cats like mine who has more serious and chronic issues
resulting from his immune deficiency.



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