For everyone that gave me advice a couple weeks ago in regards to the FeLuk/FIV re-testing of our 2 1/2 year old greybie baby, Tickles. He still tested positive for the FeLuk virus and now also is FIV positive. We apparently had him tested before the 8-12 week FIV onset. We are disappointed, but still love him and he will be with us for the rest of his life. We have chosen to keep him separate from the other three. I know there are those of you who mix your negatives with your positives who are vaccinated, but we do not want to do that. We feel that with any vaccine, nothing is 100% guaranteed. We want to be completely safe. We have a 6 year old dominant, ok, bitchy at times, female. I can already see them scrapping. Thank you to everyone for your input and great advice. :)

Melissa L. McKenna

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I feel for you...... I rescued a litter of 4 kittens who all tested FelV
positive.  They are now about 4 1/2 months old and still very active and
playful with no sign of sickness. I plan to have them restested next month,
and I'm hoping they will all be negative by then.  They have three isolation
rooms to play in at my cat sanctuary, and I feed them well and keep them
stress free. This does help.


On 09-17, Maryam Ulomi wrote:

I'm sorry for that first email. I wanted to find out if anyone had some
advice and suggestions on nutrition for the little kitten I have rescue
who is FeLV positive. She has tested positive and is the kitten of a feral
cat, her glands are big but I'm hoping because she is now indoor and being
cared for well she will test negative so I can keep her with my other two
adult cats. I have been feeding her canned good with very high protein
contents and no seafood, I read that was the recommended diet but any
other suggestions, hints, are very welcome!

Thank you

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